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Are you ready to step up your delivery game? With DeliveryDomain, you can revolutionize your delivery services and take control of your customer experience. Our innovative platform is designed to provide local businesses with the support they need to meet the ever-increasing demand for delivery by making 1st party delivery a priority. We make it easy to manage orders, build brand loyalty, and provide top-notch customer service. Unlock the power of 1st party delivery and leave third-party delivery services in the dust. Our platform is designed to provide the best customer experience and help you stay ahead of the competition. Sign up with DeliveryDomain today and take control of your delivery services!

Meet our Founders

Jessica was raised in an environment of business acumen and mentored by established figures in her industry. She gained invaluable experience as a franchise operator in the food service sector for over fifteen years. Jessica's background in operations and enthusiasm for business enabled her to become a successful leader and problem solver, leading her to her next venture as Co-Founder and CEO of DeliveryDomain. She aimed to leverage her expertise in pizza delivery to aid other business owners and provide solutions to existing issues in the online food delivery market.

Sarah has a passion for business. Currently owning a restaurant in the fast-food industry, she considers herself a strong force in a fast-paced work environment. As a young child, she idolized her father as one the first individuals to own and operate what is now a successful and well known pizza delivery franchise with over 70 locations across Western Canada. With business embedded in her family, she became an Entrepreneur at the young age of 19. She started to operate her own franchise location in 2008 as the youngest owner in the company. Within a few years she expanded to two other locations. With over 15 years of food industry experience, she excelled through her hard work, dedication, leadership skills and desire for growth and success in the business world. Experiencing first hand the problems that existed in the online food delivery market, Sarah and Jessica worked together to provide solutions that would not only assist her business but help support local businesses alike. She takes pride in helping others, growing through personal learning experiences and keeping a strong work ethic.


Manage business
and driver operations

Driver Recruiting
+ Hiring

+ Promoting

What it does:

Heavy reliance on outsourcing to third party delivery services is fraught with problems. High fees and commissions. Customer service agents you can’t reach during peak hours. Drivers declining orders, stacking orders or showing up late. Food sitting too long waiting on drivers. Fees charged to merchants when a driver made an error. Fees and added costs your customers pay to order on the app.

We wanted to create a solution that would help businesses pivot and really get to know a side of their business we never had to focus on before: delivery. This is how we intend to help.

Our platform offers everything you need to get started, from menu onboarding to the DeliveryDomain customer app, to driver recruitment, management, and performance monitoring. With DeliveryDomain, you can take control of your delivery service from start to finish, helping you to retain customers, reduce costs, and increase your profit margins. Plus, you can still benefit from traction through the DeliveryDomain app.


Merchant features and benefits on the DeliveryDomain platform include:

Easy registration and implementation of the merchant menu to the DeliveryDomain customer app

Merchants can list their driver ad through the DeliveryDomain platform for drivers to view and apply (this avoids having to pay for ads posted on job sites)

Merchants can view interested applicants and decide which driver is best suited for their delivery needs.

If you are a business that already provides your own delivery with your own drivers, you can onboard those drivers to the DeliveryDomain platform so that they can take advantage of all incoming orders that come through your establishment

Flexible Driver Hiring: Restaurants can choose to utilize their existing staff for deliveries or onboard drivers as independent contractors.

Once the merchant is live, customers can then order from anyone on the DeliveryDomain app with delivery services provided directly from the merchant.

Tracking of orders is available as soon as a driver is assigned

Customers pay the same prices they would in store

No hidden or added fees

Better quality delivery experience that is controlled by the merchant.

Customers have a replacement option with food orders. If an item arrives that isn't to their liking, the app allows them to request delivery of a replacement instead of a credit or refund. Customers are now provided an option where they are not left without the item they ordered!

Who it serves

DeliveryDomain is made available to anyone wanting to provide delivery services through their business and wanting added exposure on the ordering app, whether you are

  • Restaurants
  • Pet Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Flower Shops
  • Pharmacy’s
  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • Retailers
  • Licensed home based businesses

or anyone else we may have missed, DeliveryDomain is here to assist with all your delivery needs.


Merchant Portal

Merchants have everything they need to keep track of all business coming through the DeliveryDomain platform and can manage their business and delivery preferences including driver onboarding/scheduling and promotional preferences. Merchants have access to financials, business performance, driver performance, store and menu management.

Merchant Tablet

Through the Merchant Tablet, merchants can receive orders, edit orders, view order history, track drivers, and have access to menu management.

Customer App

Customers can order from local businesses, receive tracking, and order details once their order is placed. Customers can feel good knowing they are supporting their local businesses and can benefit from no added fees.

Driver App

The driver app is used by the drivers merchants have chosen for their delivery needs. Drivers can sign up, view available shifts listed by merchants, manage schedule, and can track their orders/ earnings.


Step 1

Merchant sign up to gain access to the Delivery Domain platform

Step 2

Add Merchant menu to customer app & post driver job ad to recruit drivers for days and hours you require

Step 3

When drivers apply to your location you can decide which driver is best suited for your needs

Step 4

Go live and start receiving orders through the merchant tablet

Step 5

Update your menu, job ad’s promotions at any time on the merchant platform

Step 1

Sign up on the DeliveryDomain platform

Step 2

Get access to list of shifts available from merchants

Step 3

Apply for desired merchant locations and shifts

Step 4

Can apply to different locations as long as the shifts do not overlap

Step 5

Once merchants have approved your application, you are on-boarded to the DeliveryDomain app and ready to start delivering!

Deliver for our Team

Apply to be a driver based on hours and days merchants are recruiting for. After applying get access to all the merchants on the DeliveryDomain platform with shifts available.

Team up with DeliveryDomain

Sign up your store, grow your business, market to reach new customers, retain your current customers and take control over your desired service. We understand the hard work it takes to operate your business and want to help it thrive and grow in this demanding industry. Let's work together to provide the best service possible to your customers.


Find and support your favorite local merchants on the DeliveryDomain ordering app. We are committed to helping businesses offer the best delivery experience possible. Merchants are charged less and so are you. NO hidden fees and matched menu pricing. You only pay for the delivery fee and tip that goes straight to your driver.

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